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Creating distinct feels for different rooms

Schilder Wassenaar sees it a lot: some people want their entire home to give off the same kind of feel. This cohesion is what pulls most people towards it. However, cohesion is not always achieved by, let’s say, using the same colors all throughout a house. Cohesion can also be achieved by other things. For example, using the same kind of accessoires or lights in each room. These are some ways to create cohesion, but they are not the only ways. The following ways show how cohesion can be created, while still making distinct rooms.

Working with different (or the same) textures

Working with different textures is a great way to create cohesion throughout different rooms in a house. Choosing a few materials for the flooring, and using those throughout the entire house will create spaces that feel familiar, but not too familiar. For example, selecting a few flooring options that are all consistently wood, might give off a very familiar, but homey feel. This consistency goes a long way, when it comes to creating cohesion in a house. It might also be a good idea to find some plaids with a nice texture that would be good to use throughout the entire house.

Give your accessoires the chance to evolve over time

It might sound weird, not decorating the entire house from the get go. However, when someone decorates a house all at one time, it is a sure way for a house to feel too matchy and quite frankly, too cohesive. It is a good idea to take the time to decorate the house slowly. Buy decorations on vacation, buy whatever seems to fit. That way, the personality of a house owner will really shine through. That is exactly what makes a house feel homey, which is what most people want to achieve, even more so than cohesion.